Custom Made Projects News

We know how ordering a custom made product can be frustrating and exhausting for many customer. Custom made products need conversation and information to make sure both sides are on the same page. That is why Polar Beaver Team has provided a fast, simple and easy way to communicate between customers and creator. 

For this purpose, from the main menu on top of the page you can see in Custom section, there are 3 parts of process, form and projects. In the Custom Order Process, you get familiar with how the process works from start to finish and what to expect based on your order status.

The next part is Custom Order From. Using this form you see that what are the initial information we need in order to start the process. Providing information in this form as much as possible information in this stage help Polar Beaver Team to proceed to final steps faster.

On the last section, we gathered collection of what we can do as an inspiration collection for you to go through. This collection is an example of custom order projects and none of them are available for sale. To see this collection, please click below.